Ever Question What Life Really Is?
If you are not consciously aware of the very basics of this reality, how do you expect to understand or even consider anything beyond it? Remember, if you don't think for yourself, someone else will.
The Bedford Level Experiment
Sadly, most people cannot get past the simple math of our reality. Here goes, Pythagoras a Greek philosopher and mathematician has an equation named after him called Pythagorean Theorem. This mathematical equation completely destroys the fundamentals of the reality we've all been spoon fed. Simply put, if you apply this equation to our World, it punches a huge hole in what we have been indoctrinated with during our young, vulnerable, and trusting childhood.

We've all been taught in school, our world is a ball-shaped Planet, 25,000 miles in Circumference. Knowing this number we can simply calculate how much curvature we should see looking at any certain distance. With a 25,000 mile circumference there should be an 8" drop per mile, squared by the distance. So in a 6 mile stretch over water, multiply distance "6 miles" x "8 inches" =48" then square or "multiply" distance. In the simplest way possible, it will look like this: 6x8=48x6= 288" inches or 24' feet.
Or simply use our calculator:

Easy Earth Curvature 

The illustration shown to the right is of a famous experiment conducted at the Old Bedford River in the UK clearly showing a boat with a 6 foot flag being hidden behind the Earths curvature as shown in top illustration, however there was zero curvature found and the entire boat including the flag clearly observed. This alone should raise enough question in most people to go conduct their own experiments to confirm the claim. Sadly, most fall victim to lazy mass-media debunking efforts and move on believing they did enough research. However, math is math and Truth is singular.
You've been taught your entire life, this is how the world is shaped.
However when easy math is applied, it becomes clear our reality and what we have been taught, do not align.
We are currently working on adding much more information as fast as possible and trying to add daily. Just know, this knowledge, being fascinating as it is, is only a steppingstone, this rabbit hole gets deep.
Pythagorean Theorem
Mainstream Science claims a star is a luminous ball of gas, mostly hydrogen and helium, held together by its own gravity. Nuclear fusion reactions in its core support the star against gravity and produce photons and heat, as well as small amounts of heavier elements. The Sun is the closest star to Earth.
Example shown on left
We've all been told special, expensive equipment is needed to get clear images of stars in our night sky due to atmospheric distortion. However, if that were true, Jupiter and Saturn should be "distorted" like the stars appear to be as well. Thankfully technology has advanced enough to allow the average person to zoom in on our night skies in stunning clarity, revealing something fascinating! Stars are not giant balls of gas and our sun is not the same as the stars we see in the night sky. This was the tipping point for myself,  beginning my own journey down this incredibly illuminating rabbit hole. Photos taken on same night with Nikon P900. Examples shown on right.
Our world suffers resets with mathematical precision, all divisible by 138 years.
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Saturn not affected by atmospheric distortion
Jupiter not affected by atmospheric distortion
These are not distorted images of stars. This is what Stars actually look like.