Asshat Definition:  ass-hat or ass hat or ashat maybe azzhat or aschat addhat not even close... maybe even or both very popular sites. What does asshat mean? What is the definition of an asshat? How to use asshat in a sentence? An example of an asshat. Does exist? Or does exist? What is a good word to call an ignorant person? Answer: Asshat.. What is a funny word to call a stupid person? Answer: asshat.. The best thing to call someone you don't or do not like? Answer: asshat.. Is for sale? Is for sale? How to purchase asshat? What is asshat? What is What does do on their website? asshat is super funny word. is asshat a cuss word. is asshat vulgar language? is asshat profanity?
From the slang expression " Having one's head up one's ass," thus, wearing the ass as a hat. The term is extended to people who are clueless or bumbling, who do not understand what is  going on.
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